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An appealing and attractive form gives a professional look to your site. It also boosts your online presence. A contact form allows your readers to connect with you and you don’t have to provide your email address.

When most WordPress themes have in-built contact forms, it is even better if you create your personalized form with a plugin. You can customize the feel and look you want by creating your own plugin for your site and add any other fields to have complete control over the forms.

There are different premium and free form plugins offering widest range of features according to your need. If you are looking for something basic, you may choose a free plugin like Contact Form 7. If you want something more comprehensive, choose premium plugins like GravityForms for more customizable and flexible forms. Listed here are the top forms plugins to get your work easier –

1. Contact Form 7 Redirects

Contact Form 7 is truly the free and most popular forms plugin with over 18 million downloads. It is very simple to use. You can use it to manage several contact forms and customize them with any mail content using HTML flexibly.

It also supports CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering, and Ajax-powered submission. Along with managing several contact forms, you can easily customize the mail contents and forms with just a simple markup flexibly.

On the other side, Contact Form 7 Redirects features Failed and Thank You page. As the name suggests, it redirects visitors to thank you pages, success pages or failed page. You can create your own thank you page.

Key Features

  • Supports all versions of contact form 7
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Custom URL page
  • Custom failed page
  • Custom Thank You Page


Gravity Forms is undoubtedly the most popular plugin used these days. According to a data released by Datanyze, this premium plugin is used on over 53% of sites ranked top by Alexa. With GravityForms you can build and design your own forms with an attractive forms editor.

Some of the attractive features are custom settings, multi-page forms, advanced and standard fields, ability to schedule forms and control entries, and advanced pricing, fields, and post fields. 

For personal license, unlimited forms, entries and support, the prices of this theme start from $39 per year. It also includes lots of add-ons with developer and business licenses to integrate the theme with PayPal, MailChimp, Survey and various services.

Key Features

  • Custom Settings
  • Advanced and Standard Fields
  • Multi-page forms
  • Ability to control entries and schedule forms
  • Advanced post, fields, and pricing

3. FormEditor

With the help of FormEditor, you can create attractive signup forms, contact forms, payment forms, as well as other types of forms for your WordPress site within minutes. It is 100% mobile friendly contact solution for your website. It is compatible to all the mobile devices, laptops, and tablet and desktop.

Key Features

  • Easy to create
  • Custom Form
  • Drag and Drop feature
  • Easy to edit fields
  • Allows you create attractive signup forms, contact forms, payment forms and other types of forms
  • 100% responsive
  • Optimized for server and web performance
  • Pre-built form templates
  • Includes all the features you need to succeed
  • Easy to extend and customize
  • SEO friendly, mobile ready, and optimized for speed

4. eForm

eForm is designed to supercharge your appealing contact form and to help you get creative with surveys, quizzes, and payment calculations. In addition, the plugin is easy to customize with up to 35 inbuilt form elements and 100 fonts.  You can add mathematical forms, conditional logic in forms, and allow file uploads. With eForm, you can edit submissions and categorize forms in admin area.

Key Features

  • In-built quiz system
  • Survey analytics
  • Stripe and PayPal integrated
  • Drag n’ drop builder
  • Feedback, Contact and Survey
  • Excel and CVS Reports
  • Timer, Quiz and Leaderboard
  • User Registration, Update, and Login
  • WooCommerce Ready

5. eForm easySubmission

eForm easySubmission is a premium add-on that provides a lot of functionality to manage your submissions for eForm form builder plugin in your WordPress site. You can generate a new shortcode type to publish forms to show edit form if it has been submitted already. If not, you can easily showcase an empty form simply to get your first data for submission. It is helpful to bypass the portal completely and trackback the page for submission editing.

It is the best bet for 1-time review forms as well as profile update forms. It allows developer to limit the form to registered users only. Show the login form with your custom message and ask users to login if they are not logged in.

Now version 1.1.0 comes with referral-based edit form. You can publish the same form with various names. If you have to use same review form on multiple products, it is handy. It can automatically sense the submission which was done from the existing url by the existing user.

eForm also comes with lots of format strings to add custom data in messages and email. With eForm easySubmission, you can take it one level up by adding format strings over form elements. You can add value from any element in messages and emails.

Key Features

  • Create product review form
  • Create profile update form
  • Users cannot submit the form two times
  • According to submission, you can add custom message on email

6. Super Forms

Super Forms is the unique plugin that is built to meet all your needs in contact forms. It is the WordPress plugin which is simply a user-friendly plugin to build forms. You can have endless options to create all types of forms. With Multipart elements, conditional logic, and lots of customizable settings and options to adjust the color you want in any element according to your needs.

This add-on will let you to increase subscribers’ base for Mailster once the user clicks on “Submit” button. Users can also choose their interests and save custom fields in Mailster.

Key Features

  • Custom Fields supported
  • Subscription to multiple lists
  • Allows users to choose their lists

7. ACF Form Builder

With ACF Form Builder plugin, you can design frontend, multipurpose submission form with flexible fields. No coding knowledge needed. You can create a beautiful form with just drag & drop.

Key Features

  • Users can create new posts to specified type of post on frontend
  • Supports 24 field types, which is highest in the market
  • Supports repeated fields to make a table
  • Upload files and save to WP-Uploads where you can use its uploader or just basic uploader on the browser
  • You can create multiple subscribe forms to aWeber, MailChimp, ElasticEmail, Responding, and ManDrill
  • With Smart Compare System, it creates several conditional logics with And/OR
  • Drag & Drop plugin. No coding knowledge required. Good for those who cannot code but still want to develop their business website on their own

8. Ninja Forms Public View

For NINJA Forms, the Public View add-on is the best option to show your form submissions to your users. Ninja Forms is the best forms plugin out there. It can be used to show quick data previews, share details collected via private pages and local updates via forms and show list of attendees and entries for sports meet.

Key Features

  • Assign the form you want to display via form parameter.
  • Sort view by choosing Field Key through ‘sort’ parameter
  • Hide the selected fields submitted through exclude parameter in shortcode. Just enter Field Key of the element.
  • Set table style through add-on admin panel

9. Form to Post/Page for NEX-Forms

For NEX-Forms, the Form to Post/Page is the add-on to enable you to create pages and posts from any form which is designed with NEX-Forms. It consists of WP post settings/page. You can also set the featured images for pages or posts from mapped field of file upload.

NEX-Forms feature a grid-layout system to create endless functional and stylish forms. It is packed with lots of options to customize design, including around 660 icons, 70 animations, and 1200 fonts.

It has around 40-form elements as well as features, such as conditional logic, file upload, and conditional logic options. Along with it, it has several form styles, for example, sticky forms and pop-ups.

Key Features

• Create WordPress pages or posts from form submissions
• Multi-step forms
• Sidebar widget
• Email auto responder

10. Formi

Formi is the most powerful and premium form builder plugin for WordPress. It is the mythical multiple-column drag & drop form builder. It is easiest plugin for WordPress which builds interactive forms from elements over several columns with draggable layouts. It allows you to create forms with few clicks.

Key Features

• Completely resizable and draggable Visual Form Builder
• Over 50 Awesome form templates
• Style almost everything without coding knowledge
• Create your own forms
• Conditional Logic, Statistics, Auto Responder and many more.

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