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Top 10 Galleries WordPress Plugins

There are hundreds and thousands of WordPress gallery plugins these days. They all provide attractive features which improve the overall look of your site, i.e. from adding Lightboxes to setting 3D display. With a lot of choices, there comes confusion. To get professional outcomes with huge range of features, we have listed the top 10 best Gallery plugins for WordPress.  

Some of these themes are lightweight while some are fully featured, and some are super smooth to use while others come with steeper learning. We have covered it all below.

1. Everest Gallery

Everest Gallery is a fully responsive and versatile gallery plugin for WordPress designed with great designs and features. Everest Gallery is the one-stop Gallery plugin which supports video, audio, images, mixed gallery, posts and Instagram.

It allows you add as many items as you like, manage and edit them quickly. The plugin includes several layouts, such as blog layout, grid layout, masonry layout, slideshow layout, carousel layout, and filmstrip layout.

Along with it, each layout features various configuration settings and sub-layouts. You can disable/enable hover effect for the gallery. It comes with two types of hover effects – overlay and filter image.

Key Features

  • Over 30 Layouts
  • Supports various gallery items
  • Column Configuration Options for Masonry and Grid Layouts
  • Over 35 Hover Effects
  • Over 10 Image Filters
  • Pagination Configuration
  • Lightbox and other options
  • Custom CSS insert
  • Drag & Drop Gallery Ordering

2. WP Gallery Evolved

Now you can power up your WordPress Gallery with this integrated plugin WP Gallery Evolved. Once it is installed, you can add some new settings to Gallery Settings and take full control over responsiveness over the gallery columns.

All you need to set the breakpoint and the number of columns should be broken on the gallery on it and you are all set. It comes with two breakpoints and covers mobile devices and tablets.

With just one click, you can easily add custom lightbox features for the galleries and change the layout to load by rendering as carousel and as a dynamic gallery. It has added some hooks for developers to add more control on its features and add more customization.

Key Features

  • Lightbox setting
  • Fully Responsive
  • Layout settings – carousel and dynamic grid
  • Hooks for customizations

3. Smart Logo Showcase

Smart Logo Showcase is the fully responsive plugin for Clients Logo Gallery in WordPress. This logo showcase plugin features over 30 attractive templates. It is a fully responsive logo showcase maker to display logo images, in a way you like and configure it. It has different layouts to use and it presents your sponsor, client, brand logo, and partner in an attractive way.

Key Features

• Explore endless possibilities with Social Links, Adding Links, Logo Showcase, and Title/Description
• Over 30 Pre-designed attractive responsive templates
• Grid Layout
• No Coding skills needed
• List Layout
• Carousel Layout
• Flipster Layout
• Full View Integrations
• Filter Layout
• Tooltip Options
• Overlay/Hover effects
• Additional Fields
• Display Popups
• Images Gallery
• Supports Major Browsers
• Compatible with All Themes

4. AlbumsGrid 2.2

AlbumsGrid 2.2 is one of the widely used photo gallery WordPress modules. You can add images to gallery easily. It is a gallery module designed for Gmedia plugin. It is excellently designed with AJAX that can play audio files. It is very user-friendly and simple module that needs no coding knowledge to set up and use. It is optimized well for any widget.

Key Features

  • Compatible with any widget area
  • Includes Gmedia Tags Cloud
  • Splash gallery for Categories, Albums, and Tags on Gmedia Library
  • Mobile friendly and fully responsive
  • Built with AJAX
  • Ability to share separate photo or collection
  • Play audio files
  • Compatible with major browsers
  • Several settings
  • Enhanced preloading
  • Easy to use

5. Portfolio Minimal

Designed for Visual Composer, the Portfolio Minimal Shortcode has been launched. It supports to display your gallery, portfolio project, and more in your work with several hover and layout effects. It is an amazing plugin which shows your image gallery, projects, and will resolve virtually every problem to introduce and showcase about your work. This plugin comes with several shortcode options to customize the display as you like.

Key Features

  • Easy to install and configure
  • 100% responsive
  • Supports several Portfolio layouts – Masonry, Grid, Landscape, Squared, and Portrait
  • Supports 6+ Portfolio layout, 5+ Filter styles, 6 Hover styles, 5 Padding options, 5 Columns options, 3 Lightbox options or li, WPML ready, and Animation for all shortcodes
  • And even more

6. lightGallery

lightGallery is a fully modular, customizable, lightbox, and responsive plugin for WordPress gallery. It is a fully featured video and image gallery plugin for your WordPress site. It is very smooth and user-friendly plugin which allows you to upload your videos and images to add to your gallery.

It also allows you to add current files from media library. All the module and plugin options can easily be designed and customized from the main interface. It literally works well with default image gallery. It is designed and integrated with attachments and has captions from its media library.

Key Features

  • 100% responsive theme
  • Drag and Drop navigation
  • Comes with pre-defined modules like full screen, thumbnails, zoom etc.
  • Animated thumbnails
  • Vimeo and YouTube support
  • Over 20 animations
  • HTML5 videos
  • Smart preloading
  • Social sharing

7. FAT Portfolio

FAT Portfolio is a world-class portfolio plugin that can showcase gallery, portfolio and even more. This plugin supports WPML and visual composer. It is capable to change all the font sizes, colors, image size, and spacing from effective plugin settings panel and shortcodes.

Key Features

  • Changeable image size, spacing, colors, font sizes, and hover color through settings panel
  • Clean and fully responsive design
  • Customizable portfolio archive
  • Social gallery includes Instagram, Flickr, Vimeo, YouTube etc.
  • 11 animation effects
  • Shortcode builder
  • Supports Visual composer
  • Cross Browser support
  • WPML ready
  • Well Documented
  • 8 shortcode styles – Masonry, Grid, Metro, 3D Carousel, Carousel, Flipster carousel, and Flipster coverflow
  • 10 item skins
  • 3 types of pagination
  • 2 types of filter

8. Desire Slider 1.2

Desire Slider v1.2 is a premium gallery module for Gmedia WordPress plugin. It features a lot of attractive features. It is mobile friendly and fully responsive module which supports all major browsers. It comes with native and user-friendly mode.

Key Features

  • Native full-screen mode
  • Mobile-friendly and 100% responsive
  • Swipe with your mouse or finger
  • Supports all popular browsers
  • Full-screen mode
  • Optional, Custom Link, Download, and Comments button
  • Views, Likes counters
  • Show terms and image tags
  • Easy to sort
  • Photo EXIF details
  • Optimized preloading
  • Geo-location for pictures
  • User-friendly

9. WP Grid Gallery

WP Grid Gallery is a user-friendly and 100% responsive WordPress gallery plugin to sell both tangible and digital products and create galleries. You can add your mage and attract your customers to the gallery. WP Grid Gallery is easy to meet your needs and set-up.

It takes just a couple of seconds to add gallery or images. You can supplement your pictures with extra details like description, title, and tags, add parameters etc. You can further modify the uploaded images with different editing tools. You can easily flip, crop, and rotate images with it.

It allows you to make all the important customizations in the shortcode for the view in advance to add album or gallery to the pages or posts. With File Manager, you can upload, rename, remove, or copy image directories and/or images with few easy steps.  It is compatible to several view options. It will display the images/products with stylish lightbox where users can easily know the product usage dimensions, license, and price.

Key Features

• Stripe Integration
• Thumbnails Gallery View
• Compact Album
• Multiple Pricing
• Edit Themes and styles
• Shortcode generator
• Front-end image selection and Search Box

10. WD Portfolio Galleries

WD Portfolio Galleries is a WordPress plugin for BASIK Portfolio theme. This portfolio plugin is used to design over 20 styles. It is completely mobile ready and responsive plugin which can fit to all screen sizes. It supports Visual Composer which is built on 100% responsive Bootstrap 3. It includes endless color options with backend color selector so you can quickly and easily change the color across the whole theme.

Key Features

  • 100% responsive
  • Modern and elegant design
  • Over 20 styles
  • Built on Bootstrap 3
  • Integrated with Font Awesome Icon
  • Unlimited Color
  • Translation Ready
  • Easy to Customize


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