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Top 10 SEO Plugins in 2017 to Get Higher Rankings

Just because you don’t know the ins and outs of SEO, you shouldn’t overlook its importance. Search Engine Optimization is a process to improve the visibility of your site in Google search rankings. There are different aspects of SEO and the way to improve its visibility. Hence, it is literally very confusing for some webmasters on which to work on when everything seems equally valuable.

It is good to see that most developers have launched their SEO plugins to help the webmasters to create their SEO-friendly sites. With the help of these plugins, you don’t have to be an SEO master to ensure high ranking of your site in search engines.

If you’ve had a website or have a new site but don’t have any SEO plugin, you should choose one and test your site’s SEO first. Here are the top 10 best SEO plugins 2017 for WordPress and the way to improve overall SEO ranking of your site.

1. WP Landing Pages Pro

WP Landing Pages includes 30 stunning templates. You can establish unlimited landing pages on your site. It has amazing features and is easy to use. It is one of the best landing page plugins for your WordPress site.       

  • Over 30 stunning landing page templates
  • Opt-in subscribe forms/auto-responder
  • Rich text editor
  • Customize every part of text
  • Customize the auto responder
  • Change background colors and image
  • Translation ready
  • Customize fields through auto responder
  • Embed videos from Dailymotion, YouTube, and Vimeo

2. Google Pagespeed Insights Optimizer

 Google Pagespeed Insights is a plugin which gives inspiration to make decisions including the performance of your site. From Google Pagespeed, the recommendations are based on the best practices in the industry for mobile and desktop performance.

With the addition of tagging, advanced data visualization, filtering, tagging and snapshot options, Google Pageload Insights is a complete solution for any webmaster who wants to improve the performance of their site, their search ranks, and browsing experience of the visitors. 

Key Features

  • Compression
  • Browser caching
  • Avoids render-blocking CSS and JavaScript in the content
  • Minify JavaScript and CSS
  • Optimized CSS delivery

3. Automatic SEO Tags

Automatic SEO Tags is a tool to take the queries coming from search engines and to add them as tags to the post. Just activate the plugin to run it. You don’t have to adjust any settings. Only 20 tags or less are added to each post to avoid over-tagging. Input is not moderated, it’s sanitized.

Once added, you can remove tags manually. It supports search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and Altavista. It weighs only 40 kb. This ultra-light plugin creates SEO tags automatically and compresses JPEG files for your posts.

Key Features

  • Automatic SEO Tags creates the following automatically –
    • Open graph description tag for Facebook
    • Meta Description tag
    • Twitter card image tag
    • Meta Author tag
    • Twitter Card title Tag
    • OpenGraph (OG) URL tag for Facebook
    • OG Title Tag
    • OG Type Tag
    • article:publisher tag
    • OG Site Name tag
    • article:author tag
  • Regular updates
  • Documentation added
  • Compresses JPEG images automatically

4. SEO Friendly Images Pro

It is a fully featured SEO-friendly plugin for images. You can optimize title and alt tags for all the images and boost your traffic. This plugin automatically optimizes alt and title tags of images in your pages, posts, etc. Title and alt tags are vital to improve website ranking in search engines and to make your website W3C complaint.

It features a lazy load function to delay the image load in longer web pages to improve performance. Images outside the viewport of the page are not loaded until you scroll to them. In this plugin, the lazy load is designed by unveil.js, one of the slimmest and quickest lazy loaders on the web.

Main Features

  • Sync Alt to Title and Title to Alt
  • Override current title and alt tags with custom scheme
  • Create a scheme for title and alt to optimize and define your content
  • Plugin works well with images in post thumbnails and posts
  • It also supports Advanced Custom Fields content
  • Boost your site with rapid lazy load
  • Quick integration in update system
  • Optimize link title attributes in pages, posts, or custom post types

5. Redirect Pro WP Plugin

It is amazing and simple WordPress plugin to redirect all the visitors. Just insert redirect URL, select it to activate and you are all set to direct users to your site. With Redirect Pro, you can add full path link to redirect several traffic through specific targeting and Geo-targeting.

The plugin can sense the mobile devices and connect the user to the same mobile post/page. In settings, you can redirect your index site only. You can override the redirects and all the mobile users are redirected to one URL.

Key features

  • Adds option box to redirect location
  • Connect to desktop users
  • Redirect visitors by browser, country, and type
  • Redirect Mobile users with Device Specific Targeting and Geo-targeting

6. SEO Keyword Competition

Keyword competition is measuring the difficulty to rank for a specific keyword. According to the popularity and industry competition, the competition may vary. The SEO Keyword Competition is a WP plugin which gives a very powerful and easy way to determine the level of competition in a specific niche.

It gives SERP analysis of the first page in Google and tells how difficult it is to beat the competition. With off-page and on-page SEO, you can check the first 10 URLs and metrics, such as Alexa Rank, PageRank, Domain Age, DMOZ, and presence of keyword in metadata.

Key Features

  • Official Google API
  • Free MOZ API
  • Google Page Rank
  • Alexa Rank
  • Google Indexed page
  • Domain Age
  • Dmoz Check Listed
  • MOZ rank with backlinks

7. Off Page SEO Plugin

Off Page SEO Plugin is designed to improve your page rankings and to add more control on your off-page SEO. The script controls your ranking automatically in Google for the specified URLs and keywords in every 3 days. In your mailbox, you will get complete detailed report.

Since it is the important functionality of plugin, there are three ways to improve your ranking. Using proxy, Google results directly, and connecting to Google Search API (if other two were failed). There is nothing to worry about picking the right method. Once you finish the automatic rank control, you can have a report in your mailbox to look after the ranking process.

Key Features

  • Watch and record backlinks
  • Google Webmaster Tools API connection
  • Get new backlinks
  • Social sharing counter
  • Improve positions on search engines

8. Premium SEO Pack

The beauty of Premium SEO pack is that it can add several focus keywords on the webpage to optimize it well. When browsing the web, people basically use Google and use phrases which are a bit similar or synonyms. To rank a post for several focus keywords, you can use this plugin. 

Now it is very simple to add several focus keywords and to optimize the text. You can add up to 10 focus keywords.

Key Features

  • Optimize the load time and performance of your WordPress site with Cache CSS/Minify/JS Files
  • Full Tutorial and Review
  • Mass Optimize all Pages/Posts/Custom Taxonomies
  • Search Results Page Tracking
  • Sitemaps
  • Link Builder
  • Meta Format and Title
  • Google Analytics
  • Page Speed Insights
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9. Meta Tags Creator

Meta tags are the combination of words search engines used to get the important details about the site or category of the website. With this plugin, you can optimize the Meta tags as per the rules of search engine. You can boost your engine ranking by optimizing tags.

Key Features

  • Apply Best SEO Practices on Page Title
  • Meta Keywords optimized as per the page title
  • Check Meta descriptions easily
  • Optimize Meta Keywords, Title, and Description together
  • Write Best Meta Tags to improve WooCommerce Sales
  • Optimize and Write Meta Tags for each post

10. Rankie

Rankie is the WordPress rank tracking plugin to keep track on your WordPress rankings on Google and to keep an eye on each position. As a rank tracker plugin, Rankie updates the rank position of keywords every day and generates effective reports. It also adds effective research tool to generate keyword lists that are used for search.

Key Features

  • Keep track on Google WordPress ranking
  • Generate ranking reports per month or per year
  • It integrates an effective keyword research tool
  • Track search keywords automatically
  • Different methods of searching positions
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