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Top 3 Forum Plugins for WordPress 2017

These days, keeping readers and shoppers stumbled upon your site is a big deal. But there is a way to give them a reason to bookmark your site. Once you gain a solid retention of the readers, you can sell whatever you want.

Yes, we are talking about WordPress forum plugins, which have been around since the prevalence of internet and they literally work well to keep people hanging out and chatting for a while now on your site. It takes a lot of time to manage a forum but returns you can get are worth a while.

You can create your own social network around a single topic that other people may like. Here are the best forum plugins for WordPress to setup a forum quickly and make your own community –

1. Groups Forums

Get a lightweight yet powerful forum system with Groups Forums for your WordPress site. Based on free plugin groups, you can maintain unlimited forums where every member of the group or user can post and reply to any forum topics, while forums can be seen to the public.

Key Features

  • Back End and Front End submission of topics
  • Topic Assignees and Moderators
  • A support system with automated assignment of topics
  • Sticky topics
  • Published/pending topics notifications for moderators, site admin, and authors
  • Customize with Groups Notifications
  • Support for templates with theme-neutral templates offered for forums and topics
  • Includes widgets like Topics, Forums, Topic Search and Topic Tags

2. DW Question & Answer Pro

DW Question & Answer Pro is the most loved Q&A WordPress plugin. It adds a fully functional Q&A section to your WordPress site, such as Quora, StackOverview or Yahoo Answers.         

You can enjoy a lot of amazing features and support priority with DW Question & Answer Pro for the customers. It has a lot of amazing features making it a strong competitor for other Q&A plugins out there.

Key Features

  • Questions Listing Page
  • Front-end questions management
  • Ask Question form
  • Voting features to know the popularity
  • Views Count
  • Email Notifications

3. bbPress Ultimate

Now you can extend your forums with more user experience and added functionality with bbPress Ultimate. You can embed forum topics and details and response below author reply, to BuddyPress profile, and bbPress profile. Admin can personalize the output and make basic edits and translations with admin settings interface.

Key Features

  • See online status of each user who is active and logged in
  • Count on bbPress user’s topics and see how many topics they have
  • See how many replies done by the user
  • Allow users to update their country through dropdown in their profile page.

Final Words

That’s all for the WordPress forum plugins. We hope you liked this article and we hope it helped you pick the best plugin for you. As discussed earlier, it takes a lot of patience and dedication to build an online community. But these plugins are something that can make your job easier.

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