Top 5 Things You Shouldn’t Overlook Before Switching WordPress Themes

If you are a WordPress user, there are chances that you have changed themes at least once. If you haven’t done this, it’s your first time. The best part of WordPress is that you can easily switch between themes. And doing it is just a few clicks away.

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But sometimes changing themes is more than just hitting the “Activate” button. In this post, we will get a detailed overview of things that you should do before switching WordPress themes. These are very important steps to ensure that the process is going smoothly or you may end up losing the important elements that you have never wanted to lose.

Test all Plugins and Functionality

So you have activated a new theme. Now you need to ensure that you retain all the functionality and make sure the plugins are working still. It’s time where the good old notes come handy. Get back and add all or any functionality that you want to keep from the previous theme into a new theme if you have not done it already.

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Run all the features, including single post pages, commenting process, search, archive page, 404 page, and contact page. Be sure all the widgets are here and working well. When it comes to plugin, all you need to ensure that the formatting remains the same. Most of the plugins use current styles to show their output. So, you may always want to ensure that they still look nice in new theme.


You will never lose anything by creating backup. You always want to backup all the plugins, theme files, and database as a safety measure. Even though nothing happened, you may never want to be sorry. You can create a full-site backup with a backup tool.

Ensure Cross Browser Support

Have a test run of your site on all browsers you can access. Browsers may like to render items differently, especially in case of Internet Explorer. So, you should ensure that the design looks nice in all the top browsers. Some of the nice and good looking themes may like to break in different browsers. If Internet Explorer is used by many audiences, you need to ensure that it is still accessible.

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Take Baby Steps when it comes to Change

So, you are going to work with a new theme. There are chances that you may want to make changes with care. You need to change smaller elements to ensure that it works well in all the browsers. Once you are ready, you can make bigger changes. Be sure to learn the semantics and structure of new theme before making big changes. This way, you can find the problem just away.

Keep Track of Bounce Rate

Be sure to keep track of bounce rate after switching themes. Some themes may be more interactive than others when navigating the readers on the site. In case bounce rate has been raised as compared to the last theme, you may want to work on that. Add popular posts widgets, related posts widgets or just have a better call to action.

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