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Top 8 BuddyPress Plugins for Your Social Network

To add social sharing to your WordPress site, BuddyPress is the most common choice as it has all the vital features, such as activity streams, user profiles, and user groups. But for more personalized experience, you will want to bolster the basic package with few plugins.

BuddyPress is meant to keep people connected together. It enables people to connect who share similar interests. Like its parent WordPress, BuddyPress is an open source path. BuddyPress has built everything from core code, to themes, documentation, and plugin extensions.

In this guide, we will discuss the best BuddyPress plugins to make your social network more interactive, such as membership, live chat, social sharing, and eCommerce.

1. bbPress Ultimate

Extend your bbPress forums with user information and added functionally through bbPress Ultimate. Embed info to the replies and topics under author replies to bbPress profile if BuddyPress is available. Across admin settings interface, you can easily customize output and make some edits and translations.

Key Features

  • Get online status of each user up-to-date and tell whether they are online or not.
  • Keep track on number of topics and show the number of topics they have
  • Customizable link pointing to the bbPress replies archive
  • Allows users to update their nation from drop down menu in the profile page.
  • Link to over 15 Social profiles allowed to the users. They can update and access their profiles anytime through edit pages.

2. Ultimate Membership Pro

Ultimate Membership Pro is the best and most popular Membership WordPress Plugin with which you can work with and create exclusive and multi-level access for the users according to paid or simple free packages.

Turn your site into another source of income by securing your important contacts. You can protect your Products, Pages, Categories, URL, Images, Content Sections, Menu, and others and set a Replace Content or Redirect Content rule.

Key Features

  • Multiple Color Options, Themes split in slider display or grid
  • Public Individual Page for Members Directory with multiple Themes
  • Sell Unlimited vouchers with Membership Cards
  • Social Login/Register
  • Start Promotions
  • All-Inclusive Drip Content
  • Custom Account Page
  • Subscriptions through WooCommerce

3. BuddyPress Users Chat Plugin

BuddyPress Users Chat plugin can be installed to any user-based WordPress forum, blog, community, ecommerce, directory, or any social networking site. Hence, all the users logged in can automatically chat with each other quickly. This plugin can also make the way to chat like Facebook for matrimony, dating, and community social site based on BuddyPress and WordPress framework

Key Features

  • New message browser Notification system
  • Multi user chat
  • New message sound alert on the other tab or minimize browser
  • Chat Session Control
  • Auto Chat invitation pop-up
  • Offline/Online indication
  • 80 Smiley icons with slide control
  • WordPress Online friend search to return only those friends who are online
  • Friend Search option
  • Auto load thumbnail image
  • Full width chat window in smart phones
  • Unlimited background color, pattern, image
  • Unlimited color skin

4. BuddyPress Quick Activity

With the help of BuddyPress Quick Activity, your Buddypress members can quickly post something to the activity wall from anywhere on any existing pages. With BuddyPress, you can easily post to activity only from Activity tab of the profile page of the member. However, the Quick Activity plugin will help you to add Quick Activity buttons to any post, template files or pages.

It adds “Quick Activity” buttons to your post content or page with shortcode. It also allows you to add Quick Activity buttons to any template file of the theme, to the footer or the header with easy function. This button can also be added to the admin bar with settings in the admin section.

Key Features

  • BuddyPress 2.1.1 and WordPress 4.0 ready
  • Improved JavaScript and core files
  • Language files updated
  • Form submission through Ajax
  • Choose from template
  • Set Textarea placeholder
  • Four New form templates
  • Various bugs fixed

5. BuddyPress Private Reply Plugin

As the name suggests, BuddyPress Private Reply Plugin gives “private reply” option to users to reply to any post in activity feed privately. It puts ‘private reply’ button opposite to the regular reply button. All you have to type in your reply as normal and click “private reply” button. Now, the message can be seen by the person who posted the reply as well as original post author.

The private replies will be shown up in activity stream with ‘private message’ words next to the message. Hence, both users will be able to know that it was a private response. It will be shown in the same stream as someone replies.

Key Features

  • Adds ‘private reply’ option to reply to users privately
  • Gives added privacy to the users
  • Message is seen only to those users want to send

6. BuddyPress Avatar from Webcam Plugin

With BuddyPress Avatar from Webcam plugin, you can easily take photos from the profile pictures of the users through webcam via Ajax calls. In its ‘Change Avatar’ page, it has two display modes – Change Avatar page when page is loading while displaying camera content and Show/Hide toggle feature to display camera content.

In camera screen, 240px and 320px are the two different sizes. Site administrator can select the screen size from the admin area’s plugin settings page. It consists of eight image color effects, including B/W, Bright, Negative, Dark, Sea Blue, Indigo, Stripes, and Yellow.

Key Features

  • 14 frames to allow users to choose a photo frame to embed with photo
  • 11 sketch modes to choose from
  • Flash light effect integrated in photo capture
  • WPML Support
  • Image crop tool to crop the image captured
  • Multisite and single site support
  • Change display mode as “Show/Hide Toggle Mode” or “Display Webcam While Page Loading”
  • Change screen size of the camera as “Small Screen (240px) width” or “Large Screen (320px) width”.
  • Endless colors to choose from
  • Chance the border radius of camera screen

7. Social Login for WordPress WooCommerce bbPress

With WordPress Social Login, your website users and buyers can register through their current social accounts. So, it can eliminate the need to fill the whole registration form and verification process and need to remember another username and password.

With this plugin, you can also import the contact list of users from Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, and Windows Live. It gives full control to the users to your website and has a list of guidelines and rules to setup.

WordPress Social Login comes with flexible, simple, and customizable authentication widget. You can easily customize it if you are a designer or developer. According to the target audience, there are different services and providers, such as Microblogging platforms, social networks, media, Professional Networks, Programmers, Photo Sharing, and Gamers networks. 

It is absolutely free and open-source social plugin. You can easily access the source code and use WordPress Social Login in commercial projects.  

It is a complete and well researched Social Login plugin which avoids the stress of site owner. It has several social login APIs which are very simple to install and configure. It supports Social Media APIs, such as Facebook, Google, Github, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Dribbble, Yahoo, and OpenID.

Key Features

  • Free and open-source social media plugin
  • Customizable, simple, and flexible authentication widget
  • Import contact lists from Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail and others
  • No need to fill the registration form.
  • Users can register with their existing social accounts

8. BuddyPress Newsfeed by vBSocial

With BuddyPress newsfeed by vBSocial, you can upload multiple images with simple drag and drop. It allows users to post multiple image statuses. Now, one can get notifications on the fly thanks to grouping, sorting, and Ajax filtering of bbPress groups, friends, updates and posts.

Your users can view posts and featured images on BuddyPress feed and comment on BuddyPress status. You can fully customize notification links and sidebars. It provides smooth integration with WordPress and BuddyPress. The vBSocial Social Network Plugin provides smooth integration with BuddyPress Messaging system. Now you can have smooth integration with friend requests, social mentions, Facebook Connect and much more. It has plenty of simple options to change.

Key Features

• Simple, clean Ajax design
• Smooth Ajax filtering
• Compatible with vBSocial and Buddypress
• Friend Requests, Status and more
• Improved Commenting
• Improved Navigation

Final Thoughts

With the above social plugins, you can now enhance your social networking navigation for the users. Now you can make your own social network on the most popular WordPress platform. BuddyPress improves your reach to your audience with various advanced features like discussion forums, private messaging, and even more. With these bbPress plugins, your task can become whole lot easier. You can add more social networking features to your site to attract users. You can get the most of BuddyPress for enhanced user engagement and to get your content viral.

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