Total – Modern & Responsive WordPress Theme to Create Almost Anything3 min read

Total is a fully responsive and modern theme for WordPress which combines the potential of Visual Composer page builder and WordPress Customizer so you can create a website for virtually any genre.

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The theme was crafted by considering various professions and niches, including small business, corporations, lawyers, online stores, agencies, hosting companies, wedding planners, bloggers, non-profits and even more. The developers have added a lot of features and settings to create almost any site.

Unlimited Custom Pages

These templates are great. But when it comes to edit things for your client or yourself, you will need to use code. But in case of Total, you can use Visual Composer page builder to create different layouts within no time and amaze your visitors and/or your clients.

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A Web Designer’s Delight

If you are a freelancer, you won’t leave the Total theme behind. Now you no longer have to look for a new theme for each project. Once you get comfortable with this theme, you will love to use it on all projects while making things faster and easier. Simply import one of the well-crafted demos, customize it as per your client’s requirements or just develop a site from the very beginning by adding content with page builder and customizing your design and theme settings using WordPress customizer.

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In-built Demo Importer

Using the in-built demo importer, you can import the content, widgets, theme settings, and sliders from virtually any live demos to get started with ease. Most demos will import within just one minute while testing it. You can choose to import simply Sample Data, widgets, Customizer Settings, or sliders, or just import everything.  

Live Customizer Settings

With Total, you can adjust theme settings quickly and even see them in action before your eyes. Save your theme settings once you are satisfied with the result.

Exclusive Visual Composer Modules

It consists of 40 exclusive and unique Visual Composer modules which can make it even easier to set up your site, such as CSS leader, divider dots, icon boxes, teaser box, pricing tables, list items, milestones, navigation bar, social links, login form, search bar, gallery slider, image slider, recent news, portfolio grid, blog grid, etc. It has almost everything to create appealing page layouts.

Endless Site Widgets and Colors 

If you have a complete page builder to create your own layouts but not allowed to adjust layouts and main theme colors, it is not fair. Now you can change the colors of all main elements easily to add a unique look to your site and change the main site layout widths to get any size you like. Just adjust settings to make the container smaller or adjust your settings to make your site larger.

Responsive Design

Total theme is completely responsive so you can shrink the browser size and theme will adjust and content will be looking beautiful and visible in all sizes. The developers have stopped all the unwanted functions to keep your site working well on mobile devices.

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