Having Trouble Getting Emails from WordPress? How to Fix It?2 min read

Most of the entry-level WordPress users have problem with their contact form plugin as it doesn’t send emails and they also not get any notifications from WordPress. Here, we are going to find out how to fix this issue.

Why WordPress Not Sending Emails?

Basically, your hosting server might not be configured to use mail() function of your PHP. Even though it could work, a lot of email service providers use different tools to cut spam. Such tools detect emails from original location and this test is not cleared by most emails from WordPress. Hence, it is never even sent to the spam folder of your email. So, don’t use WordPress to send newsletters.

Here, you should use Gmail SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol to send emails. SMTP is an industry standard which uses authentication to improve the chances to deliver emails.

Using Gmail SMTP to Send WordPress Emails

To send out emails in this method, any Gmail account can work. But it is better to use Google Apps for Work with your professional email address.  No matter you use free or paid Gmail address, steps are the same.

First of all, install WP Mail SMTP plugin and activate it. Go to Settings > WP Mail SMTP to configure settings. In “From Email” field, enter your email address and sender name. On the mailer option, choose Gmail SMTP server.

Getting Started with Gmail SMTP

In this method, you can manually set up Gmail SMTP servers to send WordPress emails with WP Mail SMTP. First of all, go to “Settings & WP Mail SMTP” page.

In “From email” field, enter Gmail address and name from name field. Choose “Other SMTP” and check box next to it.

Configure more settings in Other SMTP section. Fill out the following plugin settings –

  • Host – smtp.gmail.com
  • Port – 465
  • Encryption – Use SSL Encryption
  • Authentication – Turn on
  • Username – your Gmail address
  • Password – your Gmail password

Click “Save Changes” to save settings. This is all you need to do to setup WP Mail SMTP and start using the Gmail SMTP servers. Now click “Email Test” on settings page of the plugin and send out a test email and see if it is working well.

Another common method is using OAuth Protocol to set up your Gmail account to send emails. Here you need to choose Gmail as mailer, enter your Client Secret, Client ID, and URL.

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