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WavePlayer – Fully Responsive, HTML5 Ready Audio Player Plugin for WordPress3 min read

WavePlayer is a completely customizable WordPress audio player plugin which supports HTML5 and WP Media Manager integration. Its responsive interface is designed around the audio file waveform which is playing back.

You can host your favorite tracks without any limitations imposed by several free music services out there. You can customize its modern player to match the overall look of your website.

Major Highlights

  • Best for your Podcast and Music websites
  • Modern style and responsive interface
  • HTML5 support
  • Peak files for quick access to audio waveforms
  • Full Media Manager integration as well as visual playlist creation
  • Full WooCommerce support with batch creation of tracks and albums

WavePlayer 2.1.0 – What’s New in this Version?

WavePlayer has been rewritten with attention to detail to make it more efficient, faster, and to add all the key features that were the major highlights on public demand during the last year.

Playlist Panel – Finally WavePlayer adds a visible list of all tracks incorporated in one go. The administrator can configure the buttons and info with ease on each row.

Peak Files – Audio tracks are analyzed just after being uploaded to Media Library. Hence, there is no need to wait to render waveform while using the track for the first time, which is very helpful for very large files. In addition, Maintenance section is well renovated which enables users to manage peak files with ease.

More Efficient and Quick – All player instances are loaded at the same time in one page. So, it cuts the load time to a great extent and it makes interaction with server a lot quicker and efficient. For instance, if there are 10 instances on one page, the older WavePlayer version sent 10 calls and playlist of each instance has been achieved at a time.

WavePlayer 2.1 analyzes existing page and sends it a single request to the server for all the instances on a page. This way, the interaction becomes even more efficient on the server and it cuts the page load time significantly. Starting from v2.1, it creates only one Audio Element in each page. So, load time is even faster and improves efficiency of memory management.

Fully Customizable – WavePlayer is highly regarded by its users for its amazing capabilities of customization. By using the flagship version 2.1, the possibilities are endless. With the new playlist panel, now you can customize the details appeared on both playlist rows and Info Bar. It has expanded the number of placeholders to customize. Now webmasters can customize both the playlist and Info Bar by adding stats and buttons for the most common tools, such as social shares, likes, play counts, download, and runtime. The system is very flexible and simple, so you can decide what to show.

WooCommerce Support – All types of products have been integrated with WooCommerce support. It is designed to automate the creation process as much as possible for music products, such as music albums or singles. The new feature covers the creation of Meta value which stores the type of music product like album or single, etc.

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