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Webba Booking – Booking and Appointment Plugin for WordPress3 min read

Webba Booking is a very user-friendly and efficient appointment and reservation plugin for your WordPress site, especially designed for service providers who want to optimize their schedule and ensure comfort for their customers. Webba Booking plugin has been coded to make it as easy as possible with endless options.

No matter what kind of service you provide which needs appointments or booking system, your business will run smoothly all thanks to Webba Booking. You may also like fully-responsive HTML-5 compatible WavePlayer plugin for WordPress.

Webba Booking is an all-inclusive plugin which supports multiple bookings on one session, group bookings, padding times on appointments, varied appointment durations, early booking limits and booking cancellations, unlimited schedule, customized feel and look, unlimited appointments, endless staff members, online payment, and even more in between, without any extra add-on required.

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Fully Customized

You can choose from 79 presets or design your own form from the very beginning. There are 80 options in both cases (such as CSS as margin, padding etc. for each element) and refine the design and get the desired result. You can use all form’s labels, your own wording, just like editable reminders and notifications. You may choose to display the booked time slots or not. You can even display the time as time range on the slot or start time.

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This section represents the details about various areas of activities in the company. You can create endless services with their own booking rules and schedule. You may provide early access to your staff with the schedule of service. You team can also access their own schedules and you can access all appointments from schedules mentioned in the appointment table.

From there, you are allowed to filter date range and services and access all the data, such as name, date, email, phone, Service, etc. and display by the desired data as a table sorted.


For grouping various services, you can create endless categories. Setup a shortcode to show only services on front end from one category. Limit the room of auto lock with this feature.

Auto-lock Appointments

Want your Services to be connected in between? The Auto-Lock appointment or chain booking feature locks the time slots automatically in all services. For example, equipment is used by a couple of service providers. Here, it is better to make services inaccessible for a certain period if services were booked. Auto lock has no limit of business hours or duration as algorithm automatically analyzes the connections of time slots in between.

Cutting-edge Appointments Status

Suppose you have five statuses to categorize the steps of booking and use them as per your own needs, such as Approved, Awaiting approval, Paid (approved), Arrived, and Paid (awaiting approval). You may combine these with sending notifications as per their status to manage your schedules to the fullest.

Accept Online Payments

You may approve online payments using PayPal. When needed, you may set your tax and choose your currency. According to the price assigned and number of items, it will calculate the amount to be paid.

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