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What are Your Needs for WordPress Hosting? How to Choose the Best Hosting Provider?

Web hosting is one of the important aspects of every successful website but it is often overlooked by many. It is very vital to choose the best WordPress hosting to fulfill your needs to boost sales and improve your SEO. There are different WordPress hosting options out there, including Shared, Free, Dedicated, VPS, and managed hosting. We will help you pick the best WordPress hosting in this guide.

WPEasier is the leading WordPress resource where we have helped millions of users with our years of experience with WordPress hosting providers. Read on to know things you should consider before relying on a WordPress hosting provider.

What is Required for WordPress Hosting?

You will be shocked to hear that WordPress is extremely lightweight and it supports all good hosting providers. Here are some of the common requirements for WordPress hosting –

  • MySQL 5.6 or higher
  • PHP v.7 or higher

Thanks to the popularity of WordPress, all of the leading hosting companies have 1-click WordPress install options. All hosting providers provide complete support for WordPress site.

What to consider when Picking WordPress Hosting Provider?

Security, speed, and reliability are some of the key factors you need to keep in mind when going for WordPress hosting. You should consider your needs which are the very important factor to keep in mind. You should evaluate your needs before investing in WordPress hosting to save hundreds of dollars yourself.

Types of WordPress hosting and Your Needs

As discussed above, there are different hosting options out there, including Shared, Free, Dedicated, VPS, and Managed hosting. Here are the best solutions for you –

Free WordPress Hosting

You can easily avail free web hosting for yourself but virtually all of them have some issues. You can usually find free hosting offered in small groups or online forums. They are managed by a person who is reselling small space of their server to gain some revenue. Another issue is that you need to have their banner ads to their site. Some may even ask you to add text links in the footer of site. They will sell text link or banner ad to cover the cost of free space while making profits. The major downside of free host with ads is that they are not reliable. You never know when they will stop offering free hosting. If you want to start your website or business, choose one of the below options.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is indeed the most popular WordPress hosting used by the startups. It is quite a good point to start and is very affordable for new users. Shared hosting is where you can share large server with plenty of sites. With several sites on one server, you can offer service at very affordable price.

When it comes to shared hosting, the major problem is limited resources. You have usage limits even though it says unlimited. If your site starts taking a lot of load, they will obviously force you to upgrade account. If they don’t take such action, it can have adverse impact on overall performance of site hosted on one server.

WordPress VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server or VPS is a virtual machine which refers to partitioning physical server into several servers according to the needs of customer. Even though you share server with several others, you can have much control as dedicated server. It has ample privacy of separate server which can be configured to run specific programs.

Intermediate users, developers and medium-size bloggers often use VPS to scale websites. If you don’t have any technical knowhow, you have to buy managed VPS. WordPress hosting provider is responsible to manage all upgrades and they can help you when needed.

Dedicated Server Hosting

It is actually a physical server you can lease from hosting provider. It means you can have total control on the server, along with choice of hardware, OS etc.  You don’t need to have dedicated server when starting out. Once your site starts getting specific traffic, you can upgrade to dedicated server. We recommend using a dedicated server from Hostgator.

If you don’t have experience with servers or don’t have system administrator, you can go with managed dedicated server. The hosting providers have full-time administrators who are assigned to manage your servers. Apart from software updates, they also provide phone support and are also responsible for server monitoring. A lot of leading websites use clusters of dedicated servers. If your blog receives very high traffic, it is ideal to choose WordPress dedicated servers.

Managed Hosting

With a lot of people using WordPress, there is no lack of web hosting providers who have been offering managed WordPress hosting solution. You can have account with one of these hosting providers to host WordPress sites. You don’t have to worry on anything. You just sit back and relax if you have managed WordPress hosting.

They have full-time staff to optimize your site performance, ensure security of your site, and ensure regular backups. They also advise you if you need to fix a specific plugin.

All in all, managed WordPress hosting is the fast and convenient WordPress hosting with best staff support with years of experience. When it seems great, managed hosting plans are on higher side.

If you are a well-established blogger who can bear expenses with your revenue, you can definitely go with managed hosting. If you don’t have skills or time or even staff to deal with complex technical aspects of the server, it is better to go with managed hosting. For managed hosting, we recommend you to go with WPEngine.


Now that you know all the options available for WordPress hosting, you need to make your decision. Relying on a specific web hosting provider is not that easy especially if you want to start a blog. There are lots of bells and whistles when you have small or medium sized website.  So, we recommend you to consider the above factors before choosing a WordPress hosting provider.

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