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What is best Woocommerce Hosting & what features do you see before buying?

When you plan to start your e-commerce business, you see many options to setup website. However, the most fascinating option is WordPress forever because it is free and you can get most of the important plugins at Zero Cost. Therefore, you always go with a free and hassle-free platform which is non-other than WordPress.

In WP, Woocommerce has changed the way to make shopping websites. Now, everything becomes in your control and you can setup theme, payment gateway, shipping costing, email facilities and other important things at zero cost. Woocommerce is easy and gives all solution of shopping platform, so nowadays most of the shopping website started using Woocommerce Service.

Now, when you are starting a woocommerce website, so why not go for Woocommerce hosting plans which is better than other hosting plans. How? I let you know everything in the next few paragraphs. Just dive with me here…

Benefit 1 – Easy Start (Preinstalled StoreFront Themes + Woocommerce)

Who doesn’t want the easy start of a website, almost everyone, isn’t it?

Siteground Woocommerce Hosting gives you Preinstalled Storefront themes. This is really amazing, now you don’t have to buy e-commerce themes which may cost $50 to $450. Themes are preinstalled, you have to just pick the theme of your choice according to your business nature. When I started an e-commerce website in 2015, I picked normal hosting. I had to buy a shopping theme and setup everything manually with the help of an expert, which cost me a lot of money. At the starting of my e-commerce business, I had no money in hand but to setup everything I had to borrow money. It took lots of time and money. However in the current scenario, when you have ample plugins and Woocommerce hosting, you need not worry a lot.

Benefit 2 – Premium E-commerce Features (Free SSL, PCI Compliance etc.)

In the current scenario, whenever a person likes to buy from the website. He/she first checks the authenticity of the website whether a website runs at HTTP, https or Premium https. With normal HTTP, people fears whereas with SSL (https), people feel comfortable to buy things. It is now mandatory to use SSL Certificate on the website to make your website more authentic. It also helps you rank better in Search Engine results. If you keep a normal hosting and buy SSL Certificate, it may cost you high $5 per month to $25 per month according to your demand. You get Free SSL Certificate with “Siteground Woocommerce Hosting”.

Along with SSL, you get PCI Compliance which means Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It helps your customers to trust you to pay you through Card Payment.

Benefit 3 – Hassle Free Management (Auto Update, Daily Backup, Managed WordPress)

This benefit helps you a lot; it should be on the first number but others two has their different benefits. It is a time-consuming process to take daily backup and update plugins considering security. Whether you have your own website or you are managing your client’s website. Your customer always demands daily backup and update of plugins for security purpose. These important things are automatically done by Woocommerce Hosting.

Benefit 4 – Unique Supercacher (Fast Website)

No one has time to wait for a slow loading website. People do not wait for 2, 3 seconds even because they have ample of other options. If you are new and you have a slow website, you may lose most of your potential clients just because of a slow loading website. Even search engines do not like slow loading website and don’t give top ranks.

With an e-commerce website, it is a drawback that you need to put high pixels images so that your product looks very beautiful when someone magnifies product. High pixel images load slow and the whole website becomes slow due to heavy graphics and images. You need a proper solution and thus Unique SuperCacher comes with Siteground Woocommerce Hosting. You get custom cache based on Nginx and Memcached which opens your website too fast, which helps you to engage your customer to the website.

Benefit 5 – SSD Servers

The fastest server you have the fastest website you will be having. Server loads time is another big issue for slowing down a website. Many servers load slowly, even if your website is having very less load. To solve this problem, now you can go with SSD Server which is fastest Possible SSD Hardware for your Woocommerce Website.

Benefit 6 – Anti Hack System

The hack is a serious problem of this era. When a business starts booming, someone starts trying to hack the website. After getting hacked, everything whether your name, your credibility, your customer information, search engine ranking and etc, can be ruined. Therefore, it is very essential to take Anti Hack System from starting. Siteground Anti Hack System helps you to prevent hackers from your website. Every year WAF (Web Application Firewall) makes many rules to protect WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and other application. Siteground records the rules and apply the same day and protect your website from Hackers.

Apart from these major 6 benefits, you get Unmetered Data Transfer, Free Drag & Drop Builder, Email Accounts, Unlimited MySQL & Sub/Parked Domains, cPanel & Softaculous, Customized Server Setup, Free CDN with each Account, SSD Storage, LXC-Based Stability, FTP Account, Free SSH & SFTP Access, Perl & Python Support and many more things.

Last but not the least feature is Support, which is necessary for everyone whether you are new or pro. You get 24*7 Support via phone, chat & tickets. Your all issues are sorted out in the minimum time frame.

Hope you enjoyed the Woocommerce Hosting Features. Know more from Siteground Review her.  I am in this field from 2009; hope my knowledge helps you to pick the right hosting plan for you. I suggest you take advantage of these features to save you time and money. Even if you are new to e-commerce website making, with the help of super easy tools, you can make your website in minutes. Thank you once again. Hope you will be healthy and fine always.

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