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Why you should go for Managed WP Solution rather than Normal Hosting?

It was old days when a WordPress platform user has to upload WordPress manually into the hosting server. These days everything can be done in a few minutes even more secure than previous era hosting.

If you are WordPress Platform user who is looking for a best hosting service, you have many choices of Managed WordPress Hosting like Siteground, Flywheel, Wpengine, and Hostgator. I have written more reviews for these hosting and liked Siteground Hosting a lot. View the Siteground Review here.

Why you should go for Managed WordPress Hosting?

There are many features which fascinate you and worth to buy Managed hosting rather than Normal Hosting. See why?

  • Easy Site Launch – Either you are new to Managed Hosting or Experienced, you want to launch your website easily. In Managed WP Solution, you can launch your website just in few clicks without any hassle of transferring files and making database manually. You have to just put email, phone number, title, username, and password and in few clicks, you will launch your website. After launching, you have to just put a nice theme and you will also get very good plug-ins options.
  • Auto-Updates – In normal hosting, most of the work is done manually like updates of the plugin, WordPress versions, theme updation and etc. However with Managed WP Solution with Siteground, you will get all updates automatically without even clicking on the Update The main problem with the update is, if you forget to update, your site may show error or may be hacked if you are not going with current updates but with auto-update function, everything is with your favor all the time.
  • Free Site Transfer or Migration – If you are prior WP user and like to migrate website, it is a big mess with files and database. You have to install and try many of migration tools to migrate database and files. Some tools are free whereas some are paid highly. However with Managed WP Hosting, you have to just put wp-admin username, password and URL of the website and everything is done with just a few Previously, It took my lots of time to migrate one website, one location to other location. I had to solve many errors which come after migration. I have to change the siteurl, site name through wp-options and I personally spend hours and days to migrate a website. It is just like a nightmare with huge downtime of the website. Now, everything is on control through Managed Services. With managed services, migration or you can say site transfer is totally free. You may even take customer care support for the same.
  • Site Speed with SuperCacher – With Siteground SuperCacher, you get 3 levels of caching for an ultra-fast site speed. For improving site speed, I personally invested lots of time and tried hundreds of plugins. Some works whereas some fails but in this mess, I failed in saving my time. Every time, I install a plugin and test it with Google Page Speed tool and sometimes I get improvement in speed but with another plugin, I get a decline in speed. It’s frustrating, which is good and which is bad. I went through most of the top ranking articles and found almost nothing because all do not work in a similar Everyone has different sets of articles, images sizes, videos, and themes. Everything cannot be solved with just one plugin. Some plugins really ruined my website by synchronizing images and zipping the files, and I got lots of errors which took many days and hours of the solution. To overcome from these situations and to increase the site speed, I found Siteground SuperCacher is superior to anything. As we all know a high-speed site gives you high rank and now it is on your hand with siteground.
  • Auto Backup – Backup your WordPress is another challenge for you if you are having a big database and images. In normal condition, I backup the database (I mean MySQL database from Phpmyadmin), config.php and Uploads (which contains all media files like images, files, and videos). It takes huge time because if you have a big database I found that exporting the database crash most of the time and I had to backup the database in many parts which is another challenge because I have to again restore the database when I have to migrate or any hack attack on the website. This is the first part of the database and the second part of files is very much time-consuming. I had to open FileZilla and had copy config.php and uploads folder to my hard drive. With Managed WP Solution, you need not worry for backup of MySQL, config.php or files because everything is getting backed up daily by the Managed Hosting services of Siteground.

If you are taking backup for a client then it may be frustrating to explain and restoration is also a big challenge which consists of many human hours and frustration with errors. With Managed hosting, life becomes too easy and satisfied because everything is in your control.

  • Tough Security – In normal hosting, security becomes a big issue because no one is verifying plugin before using it. You just find a problem or you need a function, you search and find a plugin and you just install without looking for security issues and it becomes a breach of your security many times. Actually, no one wants to mess all time checking and then installing, because at the time of installation of the plugin you have different mood which doesn’t allow you to change your focus from functionality to security. With Tough Security, Siteground monitors WordPress related vulnerabilities and protect your website from unwanted virus and hacks. Hack has become the major problem and every hacked wants a path to access your server which can be possible with plugins, therefore a hacker first hacks the plugin and then hacks all website which uses that plugin. And you never know which plugin is going to hack. You need a watchman all the time with your website which is presented by Siteground.

This article is not all about Siteground Managed Hosting or I even don’t want you to go with any verdict before checking other hosting services. I tried to share my experience with hosting problems and I found almost all solution with Siteground, therefore I wrote my experience with you. Thank you for reading. Hope you will enjoy life without much tension of hosting.

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