WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates – Plugin for WordPress

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates is a plugin which allows you to boost your recommendations on the basis of your keywords. For example, if you are offering Apple products, you may seek suggestions on what other products you can import. It also searches for key phrases and sets them automatically to import, on keyword click.

Auto Import

It is a whole new model which imports products automatically. Set a keyword, define number of pages to import and add to Queue. You may also setup recurrence and how frequently you want to import products. Cron will import products at your pre-defined time.

You can even see auto-import status, publish/unpublish, delete, see if products were imported or there was any error, when it ended, started, and run next.

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Advertise Products

You can transform your WooCommerce store into money powerhouse. Promote Amazon products on your affiliate site and make money as commission from qualifying purchases. You can also make money with advertising from all products that are bought and visited. With On Site Cart, your customers can easily checkout with several products on Amazon and you can make multiple commissions.  

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Great on-page optimization

The WooZone module takes all the information for all the products available on Amazon, such as Prices (sales prices, regular ones, and price changes), Title, product reviews, attributes, and full descriptions to create SEO-friendly content for your products. You can import hundreds of products in bulk with WooZone plugin from Amazon in your WooCommerce store within less time. It has superior and fast import system in latest version so you can import the products within a second. It is designed on custom AA-Team framework which is very simple to operate and use. You can also optimize your site with Premium SEO Pack for WordPress.

Bulk Import and Advanced Search Module

You can easily start your search on Advanced Search and Bulk Import module by keywords, categories, and subcategories, choose your desired product, and click import. According to the category, you can also filter these by condition, brand, manufacturer, minimum/maximum price, and merchant ID. You can also Mass Import products from Amazon with CSV module. Here, you need ASIN Grabber to get them.

Keep Amazon Products Up-to-date

The prices of Amazon products change all the time. The Synchronization module of the plugin can keep your Amazon products always fresh with custom Cron Job. 

Amazon CDN

Now you can use images of the products directly from Amazon CDN or Amazon CloudFront. It is a universal CDN (content delivery network) which promotes the delivery of websites, video content, APIs, and other website assets. It works with other products of Amazon Web Services to allow businesses and developers to promote content to the end users without any major commitments.

This way, you can optimize your website with faster load time and import products a lot faster from Amazon.


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