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WordPress 4.9 is Coming – What New Features and Changes to Expect?

WordPress 4.9 is scheduled to be available on November 14, 2017. Before writing this post, we gave beta version a try for the first time to find out what new changes and features coming your way. In this post, we will introduce you with the new features WordPress 4.9 is bringing.

P.S. You may use WordPress Beta Tester plugin to try your hands on beta version or on staging environment on your PC.

It’s still under development stage, so some features may not work until its final release.

Save Theme Customizations

WordPress 4.9 will allow you to schedule and save your theme changes as draft in Customizer. When using customizer and making changes to any WordPress theme, you will be able to save changes as draft instead making them online.

It is the whole new feature which will enable you to share preview of changes through URL. Then, you can send it to any user so they can see how their website will look with changes made in that specific draft. WordPress 4.9 will also have option to schedule changes and publish your theme settings at any desired time.

Use Text Widget to Add Media Button

The most awaited text widget is finally here with plain text and visual editors. But you still had to use HTML code to add an image. It will be fixed by WordPress 4.9 as it will feature “Add media” button above the text editor. Hence, users can easily add images in the rich text widget.

However you can also disable widgets that you don’t want to use any longer. It can save up some space and improve user experience.

Improved Coding Experience

WordPress 4.9 will provide even better experience in code editing. You will be able to see new and improved code editor in theme editor, custom CSS or plugin editor while editing code.

The code editor will come with code suggestions, syntax highlighting, and auto-completion. If you have ever come across syntax error when editing theme, this new update will fix most common mistakes automatically which are behind such errors. Hate syntax highlighting? You can easily disable it from user profile.

New Gallery Widget

WordPress 4.8 came with media widgets, such as audio, rich text, image, and video. WordPress 4.9 will feature new gallery widget. You would be able to create WordPress gallery and feature it on any areas with widgets. For more powerful gallery and albums, you should use a third-party gallery plugin.

Other Changes

These are other simple changes under the hood which may be available in final WordPress 4.9 release.

  • SWFUpload library might be removed from the core #41752
  • Better navigation menu and theme widget mapping after changing themes. #39692 #39693
  • Theme and plugin editors with recursive search for files #6531

We hope this post has helped you understand what to expect from the upcoming WordPress 4.9. Tell us which features you have been waiting for and what you would expect to see in next WordPress releases.

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