WordPress GIFs – How to Add Click to Load to Improve Performance?

Do you really want to add a click to load on your WordPress? Animated GIFs which load automatically take longer to load which affects overall user experience and page speed. This is the reason a lot of blogging platforms don’t load GIFs automatically in their apps. In this post, we are going to show how to add click to load for GIFs easily in WordPress. You may also like our guide to turn off PHP error notification on WordPress.

Why Add Click to Load for GIFs?

If you commonly add animated GIF in WordPress, you know it very well that they are larger in size than images. So, they take longer time to load which is not good for your website performance and speed. Some websites have slow loading images in WordPress which still affects UI as GIFs take longer to load when user scrolls down.

Some of the common platforms like Tumblr and others have found a common solution to deal with it, i.e. click to load GIF player. Rather than loading all frames in animation, they just load first frame. A GIF label or play button is given so user can click to view the GIF. So, let’s have a look on how to add click to load button for GIFs on WordPress site.

Adding Click to Load for GIFs on WordPress

  • First of all, you need to install and turn on WP GIF player plugin. You may also like our post on Enfold, a bestselling multipurpose theme for WordPress.
  • The plugin works easily and you cannot find any settings for it.
  • Simply go towards the Post Edit screen to see how it works.
  • You will find the “Add GIF” button on the post edit screen over the post editor. When you click on it, you will open the media uploader popup where GIF images can be uploaded just like any other image.
  • Click on the Insert image button once uploaded.
  • Now the WP GIF player will add the needed shortcode to your WP post editor.
  • Now save your page or post and click on Preview to see your GIF in action.
  • All the Click To Load GIFs embedded to the post will have a button labeled GIF. When you click on that button, it will load the animated GIP in background and show it.

One problem with this plugin is that it works only for the new GIFs which upload. It won’t add Click to Load for GIF that is uploaded with the normal media uploader on WordPress. So, all your GIFs which are uploaded previously will not have a button of click to add. We hope you’ve liked this article to know how to add this GIF player on WordPress. You may also like to read our post on top 8 BuddyPress plugins for WordPress.

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