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WordPress Tips & Tricks to Speed up Your Website

Do You Know?

  • 40% of people surfing the web leave a website if page takes longer than 3 seconds to load.
  • Google also considers page load speed as a signal for SERP ranking?

Of course you may know these facts if you have ever come across SEO and website optimization. If you seriously want to get better rankings, boost your page load speed, and attract more visitors to your site, you are at the right place.

First of all, you can easily follow the tips we are going to share and supercharge your site, even without technical knowledge.

 Why Website Load Speed Is So Important?

You may have read a lot of SEO strategies like most website owners around you, but don’t try new techniques as you fear that it might damage your money and time you’ve spent on making a website. But one thing you never know is that it damages your page ranks even more if you don’t do anything to optimize your site.

Thousands of new blogs and websites are created day by day. Each and every minute, the chances of a new website overtaking your website increase. So, be sure to experiment with each and every technique to ensure your top position all the time and make your website full-proof and stand out of competition.

According to Aberdeen Group, even a 1-second page load delay costs up to 11% fewer views, 7% less conversions, and 16% less customer satisfaction.

Even a half a second of delay in responsiveness may lead your business to lose hundreds of thousands of visits and purchases. So, improve your website speed now with these tricks –

Keep Track on Website’s Performance

Before getting started, find out the current website’s page load speed. Use a performance check tool which starts deep scan to find out various factors affecting your site speed, such as page load time, total size of the page, etc. It will score your website according to performance and how fast it is.

It also shows where you need improvements. Just sign up and run a speed test of your website. Now you can focus on those errors and resolve them.

In addition, these maintenance tricks may help you boost website’s performance.

Look for Faster Web Host

Web hosting is very common to improve site speed. Don’t fall in trap of cheap marketing tricks, low prices, and choose hosting plan which has poor server which slows down your website, especially when buying shared hosting.

Everything from hard drive to processor and RAM speed plays a vital role in website’s speed. Multi-core CPU, more RAM, and SSDs are what you need for a great server. Learn about the server resources in your hosting plan.

A reliable web host like Hostgator may work for your online business.

Compress Images

It is obvious that images help improve readability of content and engagement rate. This is why most websites and blog posts are full of images. But pictures may slow down your website. Don’t minimize the number of images. You need them. Instead, optimize and compress these images. Make sure to do this without compromising quality.

Choose an Effective Caching Plugin

Caching creates static pages of every post to improve website’s performance. It means your visitors have no need to load each page again and again. You can easily install caching plugins with few clicks.

Our Verdict

These tips and tricks are just the first step for beginners to optimize website speed. You can do more to improve your website speed and rank more. Be sure to keep track on page load speeds and monitor your website. Always find new ways to improve your site speed to attract more visitors always and stand out of competition.

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