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WP Engine – Does it Worth for WordPress Hosting?5 min read

It’s clear that having a reliable and quality web hosting is very important for an established or growing blog.

Choosing the best web hosting is one of the most challenging tasks when it comes to starting a blog. You can find a lot of great options, especially, when you have a medium or small-sized WordPress blog.

There are some budget hosting plans suitable for a smaller blog but things go even worse when your blog starts growing rapidly and you need larger server resources to manage heavy traffic.

Because of several custom scripts, over 50 plugins and complex nature of your blog, it’s time to switch to a solution for a complete peace of mind.

If you have been working with WordPress for a while now, you may have surely come across WP Engine.

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What is WP Engine?

WP Engine is well-managed WordPress host which is aimed to care for three major issues – Security, Speed, and Scalability. As an added bonus, WP Engine does the three S’s with great support. If you have just started blogging, it may definitely be difficult to justify $29 per month. But if you are marketing or running a small business, WP Engine can be helpful to raise your revenue and traffic.

Users experienced noticeable boost on their websites by using WP Engine. It is because Google also checks site speed for ranking, since 2010. Above all, there are several instances when site speed is directly associated with online revenue.

Amazon increased up to 1% of revenue per 100 milliseconds reduced in their load time. On the other side, Yahoo experienced 9% growth in traffic per 400 milliseconds of page load time saved.

All in all, it can rapidly affect the traffic and revenue of your website if your website is slow. But with WP Engine, you can run a website better and make it even reliable. Website downtime may cause reduced revenue. With the security and scalability of WP Engine, there is nothing to worry about website downtime.

Hosting Plans & Pricing

There are four hosting plans available with each other. There are three custom plans tailored to your needs. These three managed plans come with unlimited bandwidth and storage is limited and there is the limit on the visits per month to the individuals.

Personal ($29 per month)

It is the most basic plan. It has a single instance of installation with only 25000 visitors allowed per month.

Professional ($99 per month)

It includes around 10 WordPress installations as well as 100,000 visits per month.

Business ($249 per month)

Business plan provides 25 installations as well as 400,000 visits per month.

The company has its own system to count visitors and it works individually from other systems and company puts it categorically that other statistic options like Google Analytics may not allow the visitor counting. A visit is categorized as a unique IP address in a 24-hour cycle. So, keep in mind that the visits from crawlers and bots may work against you when it comes to visitor counts.

Control Panel

WP Engine is more than a hosting giant. So, any ordinary control panel like Plesk or cPanel has no use. Most site admin, with consistent WordPress practice, can be done through WordPress dashboard. The company also offers a custom control panel. With User Portal, you can do most of the tasks related to account, for example adding new installs, creating backups, and creating redirections.

Cancellation Policy

The company offers 60-day money-back guarantee which looks clean as there is no string attached.

Customer Support

Also known as “Support Garage”, knowledge base serves as a backbone of its support team. It covers the complete range of topics. It also includes a discrete ticketing system which is accessible through different login options like Twitter account, email address, Google account, or Facebook login.

If you need telephone support, Company says they are available 24×7. The company also describes their team as WordPress experts. The company is aimed to protect every WordPress installation against hackers. They would fix all the problems for free in case of hacking.

What Else WP Engine Has to Offer?

WP Engine always keeps marketing tricks and advertising gimmicks to the minimum. Once it does, it would be attractive bonuses that would be loved by the advanced WordPress users.

When going for a professional plan, you may go with the content delivery network. The thing is to boost up the page load time without calling on the cache plugins. You would like to pay for it. You may want to add a dedicated IP address in the plan on Business plan. But in case your account fails, in the professional plan, the company excludes the option from the ones on a personal plan.


Should You Choose WP Engine?

WP Engine is completely based on WordPress hosting and the keyword is managed well. Unlike other general hosting companies, WordPress Engine is a serious effort to help customers and to support them with all the issues related to WordPress with the core team offering much of the upkeep and maintenance solutions.

When comparing to the common shared hosting business, WP Engine is a bit costly. But it comes with a unique option; it has the packages for those who regularly use WordPress.

Some may want to think that this extra investment is worth it, at least for the peace of mind to secure their WordPress install and to make it well-supported and speedy.  Despite some flaws, it is still the host that can help you make the most of WordPress as it provides proper support when your blog is in trouble.

Another big thing is WordPress Engine has gained a lot of fan following from thousands of customers as well as WordPress community.

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