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Big or Small, Greenhorn or Unicorn—WpEngine has a Hosting Solution for All11 min read

Whether Getting the StudioPress themes of your Dreams or the Web Hosting Features you desire, you are just a click away to avail ‘all-in-one’ Secure Web Hosting @WpEngine. Founded lately in 2010, WpEngine quickly etched out a name for them in a crazily oversaturated market, benchmarking the web performance and safety against external criteria.

At Wpengine, you are assured to receive the plan you have selected based on your business. In addition to:
  • Powerful hosting packages, especially WordPress managed Hosting.
  • Trouble-free Website Builder using the Genesis Framework.
  • Awesome uptime & loading.
  • Excellent customer service (24*7).
  • Sensible & easy money-back refund plan (60-days money-back guarantee).

Why Switch To WpEngine?

Only for a few reasons –

Security – crop-chop the cyber attack
Scalability – not just user but environmental friendly practices
Affordability – more bang for your buck
Speed – dumping the dull browsing
Support – grievances turn to gratitude

How Wpengine back these claims ?

  • One of the cheapest hosting providers costing only $35/month (starting) for the all-inclusive package, with many a high additional value theme and coding for absolutely free.
  • While being one of the marked down a web hosting the USA still manages to achieve faster than faster loading. Using CDN in association with MaxCDN allows providing hosting faster than ever-anyone.
  • Free CDN included with all WP Engine hosting plans, making it competitively more beneficial and affordable.
  • Offering average page load time of only 0.36ms, making for a gratifying browsing
  • Solid uptime counting to 99.98%.
  • More than 2million users is protected every day the malicious cyber attacks.
  • SSL certificate as well as daily backups included as feature-rich bonuses
  • Efficient & effective live chat
  • some of the best customer support one would have ever experienced—all technical questions, user disruptions issues answered/resolved in a matter of minutes
  • Genesis Framework -- a developer’s delight (for both learners & masters)
  • One amongst the cheapest yet fastest WordPress hosts reviewed, with servers that are perfect for WordPress websites. Most of the data centers are based in the US but serves well across nations (US, Europe, and Asia).
  • Offers unlimited bandwidth, premium WordPress themes, storage space, free site migration, and email accounts.

When you consider the 60-day money-back guarantee, unlimited bandwidth, disk space free site migrations, at the only dime of dozen… wpengine.com would appear as the best hosts defying the decree of deceiving providers.

What Should be the Criteria to choose Best Website hosting?

With innumerable web host providers, it has become utterly difficult How to choose the best web hosting services for your business or personal needs. Not to worry, we have brought you a quick pare down to completely cut back with finding a good web hosting that could have otherwise taken a lot of time, energy and money.
"Simply, you should choose a web hosting with a purpose. Meaning that which hosting services are more favorable for your business, available from an array of options such as"

Now the next question that could arise in your thought process would be

How to choose which is the best one: the Web Hosting

A dedicated server means only one server reserved for your business. Nowadays, dedicated servers are not that costly as they once used to be. It can definitely be economically sensible to have one’s own server platform for business and not have to lose sleep over other businesses on a shared server smashing into your online business if they have issues.

Called as the shared or managed services, these are viable for very small businesses having mow operations up and running. With shared services, costs are low, but your enterprise will be sharing its server with several other organizations. That said, you can always upgrade to a virtual private network (or VPS) if required.

VPS hosting is nearly similar to shared hosting, just that VPS hosting provides more resources per site and that multiple sites do not exist on the same server. This makes each site better unrelated from its server mates.

The increasingly becoming popular – Cloud hosting differs from traditional hosting. The currently common cloud is flexible and is capable to spread resources across multiple servers, whereas traditional hosting only pulls draw from a single server.

For your online business, look for a host that’s not just limited to the Linux operating system but offers multiple tiers of cloud hosting. Reach out for a web host that not only offers the choice of Linux- or Windows-based hosting but powerful, flexible plans. Just like those @wpengine offers. Your business can buy just space and hosting services it requires now and broadens anytime with no disturbance to business.

What are the things unexpected from other Hosting providers?

  • The Avant-grade web security tools and online marketing tools
  • The service level (SLA) that will be linked to your dedicated server.
  • No additional expenses such as maintenance, or other 'extras' that are not covered in the rental sell-off.
  • A server space that you can expand into. You would want to ditch the moment after a few months that you have surpassed your server and would require moving to a new one.
  • Fast load time and Uptime that are 2 significant factors when picking a web host company (abreast of their cost).

Why You Should Bother About Uptime and Load Time?

  • Load time and Uptime matter because they influence web traffic, which in turn, possibly will impact your overall revenue.
  • Both these metrics indicate your site’s performance and quality. Uptime cites the total time that your site is up and running without hassles. Downtime denotes the time when your website is offline and inaccessible to visitors and prospective.
  • The time your site isn’t running, you’re suffering the loss money.
  • Having a slow load time also refers to your bounce rate will be out of the norm. Nowadays, more page views occur on mobile than on desktop. Hence, People don’t wait forever for web pages to load on their mobile device. Maximum 3-4 seconds is the waiting time, so ensure that your load times are fast and uptime is high.

WpEngine is Expensive (Why buy it?)

With the digital market brimmed with countless host providers, it’s becoming a great deal to distinguish between ‘sound and sham’. Right now there are umpteen of web hosts alluring web users offering features at a cost next to nothing. However, the truth is that the offer is actually for just the limited features in starter packages and then it’s expanded exorbitantly for higher-tier plans.

On performance-based web hosting comparison, it is discerned that the VIP managed WordPress host- Wpengine stands superlative against one of easily recognizable domain registrar and hosting providers on the market like GreenGeeks, GoDaddy hosting, Hostgator, DreamHost, etc. These established brands don’t offer anything that one can’t get from another host at the same price, moreover making it harder to give credence to the brand’s reputation.

However, the question is if their position is well deserved when it comes to performance and delivering guaranteed security measures, fast page speed & user-friendliness? With the amazing Wpengine host out there, it makes it hard-pressed to recommend brazen-faced money grubs present inside of highly reputed hosts. Their pricing structure, the inefficacy of performance, consumer connect and lack of fascinating freebies (like the industry-standard SSL certificate, template themes, and email accounts) make Wpengine a smarter, better pick.

How is Wpengine Better than the Most Popular Web Host brands?


Popular Brands (e.g.: GoDaddy, Hostgator)

Fast page loading speed - 0.36ms

Relatively slow page loading speed— just above 0.50ms

Ideal uptime of 99.98%

99.97%-- Not ideal uptime

Unlimited website storage

100GB of website storage

unmetered bandwidth, SSL certificates, site backups, email accounts, the demo for the website builder and more – ‘ALL for FREE’

Extremely expensive upsells and foxy marketing tricks (like charging for SSL certificates, site backups, email accounts, and more

Round the clock support through live chat, call, email.

Unreliable technical support

Fully equipped, feature-rich, fast, and bug-free website to grow your online business

The great many features for domain registration but not hosting. As well some features like uptime are good enough but not too great a deal at that huge cost

Robust option for the neophyte as well as adroit with less money to spend on web hosting

Solid option for experienced users with big-budget.

How does Wpengine assure the security of online businesses?

Wpengine web host provides with more than just web hosting services and it's Advanced Security Features is a go-ahead for business owners. The raging VIP managed WordPress host offers a hassle-free experience for businesses giving an array of exceptional security features that includes:
  • Inbuilt security check and Automatic updating of WordPress core to the latest version
  • automatic caching, 1-click restore spot, 1-click staging area, top-tier security, and more
  • Proactive enterprise-grade security control keeps both web and data safe
  • Possess proprietary obtrusion detection
  • Provide prevention system to obstruct any JavaScript/SQL-injection attacks, brute force attacks, DDoS attacks, and more.
  • Collaboration with third-party security firms for regulating security audits and code reviews on a regular basis.

Also, if your business gets hacked WP Engine will fix it for free.

Wpengine average response time? (Reliability & Customer Support)

Based on the review test, it’s established that WPEngine servers respond terrifically under peak traffic. Conducting a Load Impact test, wherein about 100 unique visitors were moderately created to check how the server tackles increased requests from multiple connections all at once. To the surprise, WPE performed elatedly well with up to 80 users.

For testing the server response time from different geographic areas, a tool called “Bitcatcha” hd been used. The server response time of WPE persisted under less than .30seconds for all geographic regions, specifically exceptional in the US.

Moreover, WPE employs an in-house pool of technicians for troubleshooting (e.g. script debuting, inability to send/receive an email, and more) as well make sure site is up and running 24*7

Another Great Benefit - Free StudioPress Themes ($129 Value)

After lately acquiring the renowned WordPress theme company— StudioPress, Wpengine has privileged its users with the right of well-coded 36+ premium StudioPress themes and the popular Genesis framework for free. There is no hidden/additional cost for WPE users for a $2000 value addition services!

After getting studio press benefits, go ahead and learn the cons…

Is there any setback of WPEengine?

Well!  There are no setbacks of hiring WPE. However, you might feel a bit disappointed due to the lack of a few features. But the deficiency has reasoning to it. Like:

Disallowed Plugins – WP Engine disallows installing certain plugins on your WordPress site. It is debarred because either they cause collision or replication of WP Engine’s features. Another reason for dismissal is because of high server load.

No Domain Registrations – WP Engine offers web internet hosting, not domain registrations. You can easily get your domain registered with another company.

Migration is a Nightmare - Get Site Migration Tools

Site Migration plugin allows exporting your WordPress plugins, database, and media files, and themes as well as uploading your site to a different location with a drag and drop.

During the export process, you can apply the unlimited number of find and replace functions on your database. This plugin also removes the problem of sequencing that occurs during the find/replaces operation. WPengine is known to provide the plugin that is even truly compatible with the Mobile device on WordPress versions 3.3 and up.

What is the Genesis Framework?

The Genesis theme Framework is remarkably easy to use that accredits its users to rapidly quickly and easily build phenomenal websites with WordPress. It is so simple that it eliminates the need to hire a web developer thus saving you hundreds of dollars. To buy a Starting Genesis framework would cost somewhere around $60. Even so, WPEngine has delegated its users with free inbuilt Genesis.

What are WpEngine Free Tools? What are their usage/benefits?

WpEngine offers a range of free tools that otherwise cost a bomb such as:-

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) — Incredibly fast loading of digital content and lead generation— No matter the geographical location. Users request is quickly routed to the nearest CDN edge server (in a matter of milliseconds), which substantially reduces the latency. All thanks to WPEngine for Using CDN in partnership with MaxCDN.
  • WordPress Themes Genesis Framework— It is responsible to handle a variety of elements ranging from visual appeal, endurance, to aerodynamics. Genesis offers a safe and search-engine-optimized foundation that takes WordPress to places you could have never imagined.

Ideal for web designers and developers, it renders

  • First class Layout options, unlimited updates, theme customization
  • Built-in security and Built-in SEO
  • Top-notch performance and reliability for WordPress website
  • Expandable functionality using plugins.

Premium StudioPress Themes— A hosted version of Genesis framework, StudioPress themes empowers users to employ just about anything that can make for an incredible, SEO friendly WordPress site.

Inbuilt Security Control— Free Inbuilt WordPress security plugins for prevention system against hacking, malicious cyberattack by blocking DDoS attacks, and more. Keep a check on the web and data security through regular security audits and code reviews.

Bottom Line: Packed with features, WpEngine is a web hosting service that’s more than worthy of being the base as well as premise for your business website, particularly if you’re looking to use WordPress.

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