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So you are here for guest blogging with us? 

Welcome to WPEasier.com, the one-stop destination for content marketers. Thanks for stopping by. We would love to have you in our content marketing team. 

In order to help you get started, here are few of our guidelines – 

  • Write engaging and helpful content – Our audience base mostly includes professionals who have some or vast experience in WordPress as well as leading B2C and B2B companies. 
  • Craft a fresh and unique article – When you write the article for us, make sure it hasn’t been published anywhere else. You may check out our stories for some inspiration. Be sure to write stories that tell something new and offer suggestions on doing something better (instead of just how and why). 
  • Don’t forget to give credit – Mention the original sources of your facts and quotations, if any. 
  • Create an appealing and catchy intro to your article. 
  • Make your points more concrete. If possible, give examples from leading brands, metrics, and details. 
  • Disclose your partnership or relationship with sources or links in the article. But use only one or two links or sources in each article. We don’t enable links to gated content. We allow only those links to blogs and articles which justify a point in your specific content. 
  • Your content should be long enough to keep readers engaged. There is no specific limitation on article length. 
  • Credit other sources. If you write a tip or quote from an article written by another author, add a link to your personal social media or other profile. Don’t include links to corporate social channels or websites. 

How to submit a post? 

Please reach us at anjana050576@gmail.com to tell us something about you. And send us a copy of your article draft along with it.

What next? 

Our team conducts a proper review of all the submissions. Within 3 weeks of submission, we will notify you if your article is submitted or not. 

For more details, email us at anjana050576@gmail.com. Do you have any doubts regarding guest blogging? Feel free to mail us ……. 

We would be more than happy to help you. 

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